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Alpe d'Huez

Les 2 Alpes

La Grave

point-to-point epics

Alpe d'Huez  Mont Ventoux

Die  Digne

Transiflette bikepacking

✔ specialist mtb travel since 2014

✔ professional organisatie

✔ certified mtb guide

✔ ride & holiday

✔ het gezelligste chalet

✔ overdose of single track

✔ small groups

✔ no chrono, no stress

✔ embrace the camaraderie

Legenduro takes enduro biking beyond racing.

about riding trails, exploring regions, feeling nature

about having fun with friends

and making new friends

about enjoying life

and sharing our passion for biking,

adventure and food

:: Trips 2024 ::

:: 3x 3000m summits ::

Gravity Enduro

Addicted to technical descents?

Unique in the French Alps:  descending 3x 3200m summits!!

:: AM-EN trail heaven ::


You can't choose between allmountain epics and enduro shredding? We neither!

During this week you ride both.

:: AM-EN skills week ::


Harder, better, faster, stronger?

Master your bike with our skill clinics and take your riding to the next level.

:: Alpine touring ::

Trail - xc

For you "mountainbiking" is about climbing and descending? Looking for a challenge? Conquer mountains? ... This is your trip!

:: Alpe d'Huez Mt Ventoux ::

6-day point-to-point adventure

In autumn we're in persuit of the sun direction and ride the best trails from Alpe d'Huez to Mt Ventoux.

:: Bike packing light Queyras ::


Ride the high mountains during this mountainhut trekking, enjoy the simple life, live nature,  disconnect to reconnect. 

:: They already rode with us ::


“ Top week in the Alps. During the AMEN skills week, our riding technique was taken to the next level and boundaries were pushed on beautiful trails.


Add to this the delicious food of Anne and a week of Legenduro is totally recommended. 


"AM-EN skills week"


“ Three days with eight friends riding the most epic enduro trails. Fré is not only a very competent guide but also a good instructor who really made us better. Our stay in the chalet was very comfortable and the cooking skills of the hostess unsurpassed.


"custom enduro trip"


Awesome riding, awesome guide and hosts and awesome food! With some bucketlist trails all around the area

A must-do for every biker 


"3x 3000m summits"

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