The ride & level

:: The ride ::

xc, down-country, trail, allmountain, randuro, rally enduro, enduro, super enduro...

a true jungle!

This our take on the mtb disciplines:

:: trail - xc ::

"we go touring up & down"

For sportive/endurance bikers

who love climbing and descending,

who love a physical challenge

and who ride (medium) technical trails.

We prefer talking about "trail" and not "xc".

It's about having fun on the trails,

touring with friends in a relax ambiance.

The daily shuttle uplift allows us

to start a bit higher on the mountain.

:: allmountain - enduro ::

"am adventures & epic singletracks"

For bikers in search of natural trails

with technical challenges.

Frequent use of lifts and shuttles

to cover the most positive height meters.

We continue climbing on the bike to get

to those epic natural singletracks.

A section hike-a-bike can occur.

Some days can be physical challenging,

some days will have a negative profile.

:: gravity enduro ::

"having a blast on enduro specials"

For bikers searching for lots of vertical drop

and technical challenging terrain.

In short: the pure enduro riding!

Intensive use of lifts and/or uplift shuttles to maximise the downs. Some climbing can occur, just to get to the start of the specials.

The best bits of the bikepark will be included.

:: Technical levels ::

We use a scale with "mountain levels"

aimed for trail/am/en mountainbiking.

mountain level 1

You have experience in hilly terrain.

You know how to shift gears and to control braking. You master your bike and speed on flow single trail. You start riding small obstacles, like small root and stone sections, but you often meet your technical limits.

You're looking forward to improve your skills

with the tips & tricks of the guide/coach.

mountain level 3

You love technical trails

and have experience in the Alps.

You're completely in control on all sorts of single tracks: dry and wet, up and down. You ride technical steep terrain with small stone drops, long root sections and switchbacks.

You ride medium drops (60cm)

and try riding small jumps.

mountain level 2

You're a mountainbiker

with experience on all sorts of trails.

You master your bike on moderate steep singletrack descents and climbs with loose stones and roots.

You can ride sudden small drops (35cm) and rocky sections.

You know your limits and walk a section

when you think it's to difficult.

mountain level 4

You're a bike-a-holic

and go for a yearly ride in the Alps.

You master your bike in all situations and ride technical demanding terrain.

You have experience riding bikepark or trail centers: double black trails, jumps, drops... it's all fine. You ride the fastest or most fun line, instead of the easiest.

:: Fitness ::

The daily positive height difference gives you a good idea.

level 1 - no training

You often exercise

but never really "train".

You ride comfortably 3-4h

for consecutive days.

You can climb 600m each day.

level 3 - training

You ride several times a week

and train regularly.

You ride comfortably +6h at moderate pace

for consecutive days. You can climb for long periods and changes in rythm are ok.

You can climb 1500m each day.

level 2 - some training

You're general sporty

and ride your bike on a weekly base

You ride comfortably 4-6h ate moderate pace

for consecutive days.

You can climb 1000m each day.

level 4 - intense training

You are very fit and you get after it.

You train and ride multiple times a week.

You can climb 2000m a day

consecutive days.